Think Global Act Local

LoveATX projects and events are focused on connecting and empowering the local community and developing local economy.  As we restore trust, value, and respect (love) within communities, we are creating powerful ripple effects that will positively impact all of humanity and the world.  We encourage you to “Keep it Local” through community involvement and support.


We are supporting and promoting a holistic shift in culture.

In a holistic culture we choose to live and love wholly, respecting our self, the earth, and all living things as one organism.

The following 5 interrelated values encompass a holistic culture.

  • Be Local – support local development, support and build community
  • Be Healthy – care for your self; body, mind, and spirit
  • Be Creative – be creative, play, dream, innovate, integrate
  • Be Conscious – live mindfully and aware of your connection to all
  • Be Sustainable – value self-sustaining communities, respect our earth and natural resources